South Coast Powerviolence


Where are they now?

Despite having been split up for nearing a year, the Facebook page still receives new likes every week, I thought I’d do a round up of what people are doing now. There was a lot of people involved in Witch Cult during it’s life, so this quite a long list, and I’ve tried to identify what each person contributed to the band. A lot of people contributed to the band, but I think this covers the core of peoplewho were involved:

Nick (drums, vocals): Vocals in Pissed Off – Spazz/Agoraphobic Nosebleed fast,

Alastair (drums, guitar and bass) – Drums in Pissed Off, Cheel Ghar, slow riff heavy jams, first show with The Body

Curtis (guitar, vocals) – Carrion Sunflower, dark acoustic/funeral, Fè Mal, noise duo

Dean (vocals, noise) – Knifedoutofexistence – Noise/, Outsider Art – Releases and shows on the noise/experimental/punk/fast/slow end of the scale, plus a new band in the formative stage

Dom (bass, guitar, noise) – Guitar/bass in Pissed Off, bass in Workin’ Man Noise Unit, feedback loop covered noise rock and VIIOFIX, solo noise/drone

Liz (bass) – Ghost Fuck, zine based in feminist politics,, email to contribute to issue 4.

Tim/Tom (guitar) – Bass in Iron Eagle, death metal influenced hardcore, Bolt Thrower, Iron Age, Integrity, Sepultura vibes, first show in Exeter in June plus many solo bedroom projects that will hopefully in the future see the light of day.

Tommuel (live noise) – Power electronics under Content Nullity, few new releases coming relativity soon, Scrape Tapes, label for PE/noise releases plus more to be announced soon.

Adam (live noise) – dead wood, noise/drone/experimental, Dirty Demos, experimental label, Amps Against Trend, label for loud things, specialising in floppy disk releases, Lebyatkins folk influenced noise and ambience collaboration project with Genetic Noose, plus loads of other things being worked on, noise meets RnB acapellas anyone?

Witch Cult are dead.

We are playing our last show in July with Despise You, Gets Worse, Human Cull and more (facebook event). We will not be playing any shows before then.

Since we have already recorded songs for a split 5″ with Water Torture, we are going to try and get this released, hopefully around May or June.

Dom is playing Bass in Workin’ Man Noise Unit, Ghost Forge (featuring Dean) and hopefully a doom band with Alastair and Tim of Witch Cult.

Dean is doing solo noise under the name Knifedoutofexistence and is looking to tour the UK in March with dead wood and Svartvit. If anyone can help out with booking shows please get in touch with Dean at He is also doing shows, putting out records and working on a zine for Outsider Art.

Lizzy is currently in the final stages of finishing the 3rd issue of her zine Ghost Fuck. She is also putting on a screening for “Back of The Room” which will also be the launch for issue #3 of Ghost Fuck and issue #1 of Outsider Art zines. (facebook event)

Alastair is still playing drums for Pariso

Alastair and Nick have started a 2-piece band called PISSED OFF.


Euro Tour 2013

We are planning on going on tour with our good friend dead wood, Adam from Dirty Demos/Amps Against Trend, this February. Check out some of his noise here.

The dates we are looking to do are as follows:

15th Southsea Social Club, Portsmouth, UK w/Monolithian, Lucky One Dies First, Razoreater and Rilke

16th L’écluse, Reims, France w/Organon, Synthax Error, Les Yeux de la Tête

17th Bordeaux / South Central France

18th Northern Spain/Basque Country  (Santander, Bilbao, Leon etc)

19th Porto, Portugal TBC

20th Lisbon, Portugal w/ Revengance. 

21st Rock Palace, Madrid, Spain 

22nd Pavillon Sauvage, Toulouse, France w/Crusher, Horror Vaccui and Fatal Nunchaku

23rd South East France (Lyon, Nimes, Mariselle etc)

24th Matinee show, T28, Transiti,  Milan, Italy w/ Holy

25th Switzerland

26th South – Mid-West Germany or Northern Switerzland

27th Mid – Northern Germany or North East France (Nancy, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Cologne etc)

28th Netherlands/Belgium TBC

1st The Birds Nest, Deptford, London, UK w/NU POGODI! + 1 more 

The underlined dates are confirmed, TBC we are talking to people about. If you can help out with any of these dates, please send an email to

Thanks a lot

Witch Cult

Tapes, Shirts, Sweaters and Zines Now On Sale

You can now order our new shirts and sweaters, split tapes with drainland and Cheating Death Zine Issue III on our Big Cartel page.

Please note that all orders placed before 2013 will ship between the 25th December and 31st January.

That’s it, back to Winnipeg.

Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone our weekender with Shut In this weekend. Two out of the three shows we had planned have been cancelled and the third is too far out of our way to justify a one off trip.

The good news is that this gives us an opportunity to continue writing songs for our upcoming splits with Water Torture, Monolithian and more.

We’ll also have tapes, tees and sweaters on the Big Cartel soon and will post to let you know when this is.


Rare Tshirt Up

Tom from Sleeping Lessons is being rad and selling his Witch Cult tee and giving all the money to Free Pussy Riot and Unite Against Facism.

These are pretty rare now, so bid lots.

Shows // Merch // Tapes

This month we’ve got a show with Trash Talk in London, Art of Burning Water in Southampton and a  weekender with Shut In (Formerly Self Loathing).

Dates and details can be found below:

2nd Trash Talk, Birthdays, London w/ Trash Talk, Jackals: Facebook // Tickets 

7th House show, Epsom w/ Flat Earth, Shut In

8th North-somewhere, w/ Shut In

9th Winter Wallop! Fest, The Royal Oak, Ipswich: Facebook // Tickets

12th Art Of Burning Water, King Alfs, Southampton. w/ Art of Burning Water & Ed Wood: Facebook // £3 on the door

We’ll have new merch and tapes available at each of these shows:

“Sludge” jumpers: Glow in the dark print on black.

“South Coast Power Violence” tee’s: Black print on black.

Re-press of the Drainland Split on various coloured tapes:

Previously only available on the Beartrap Euro tour.

Holy Roar are also stocking the tees and jumpers here.